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Our expertise | DCW & Associates

At DCW & Associates, we are driven to achieve the best possible outcome on behalf of every client. Our dedicated and compassionate team, comprised of former law enforcement, expert witnesses, and private investigators, is highly motivated. With decades of experience and superior research and investigative skills, we can help secure the outcome you want.

We map out your investigation and what it will entail with our team. This will help us ensure we cover every possible outcome.

Our Areas of Focus

Litigation Services

Our expert staff can assist and augment your team in preparation of litigation, defense research and settlement strategies. Our services include: Witness Interviews, Juror Checks, Expert Verification, Service of Process.

Research Services

Our litigation services include: Civil/Criminal Court Research, Preemployment Verification, Background Checks, Real Property & Recorders Office Research, Social Media Research.

Asset Checks

Bankers, corporations, law firms, and creditors rely on us for expert: Financial Assesments, Pre & Post Judgement Checks, Net Worth Analysis.

Business Intelligence

Our services centered around helping individuals and corporations include: Competitive Intelligence, Franchises and Licenses, Mergers and Acquisitions, Intellectual Property Theft, Vendor Verification.

Additional Services

Here is our array of additional services we offer: Executive Protection, Surveillances, Mystery Shopping Services, Risk Assessment Consulting, Global Travel Risk Mitigation, Expense Fraud, and more

Insurance Services

Our experts work with law enforcement, offices of District Attorneys, the Department of Insurance, and other agencies to build unyielding cases for prosecution.

Don't see what you're looking for?

We might be able to help! Give us a call for a Free Consultation so we can determine how best to help you.

In Depth Investigations

Does your investigation need months of in depth research? Our team of investigators can help you with your case.

Workplace Injury

Our team can help track down workplace injury fraud. We've successfully followed and won cases for many businesses.